Mood Shift activation


  • Choose a comfortable and quiet location

  • Grab your Inhaler, a journal to jot down inspirations and a pair of headphones

  • Unscrew the top of the inhaler to remove. Have your Yoga Card at hand too.

  • For first use, it is highly recommended that you wear headphones and listen to the tracks in order, from 1-5


track 1: Acknowledge the fear

As you listen to this track, notice any thoughts and sensations that come to you.
What are you feeling?


track 2: Release and surrender

Start breathing deeply, expanding and filling your belly in each cycle.
What does it feel to truly let go?
PS: If you are not familiar with deep breathing, watch this video.


track 3: building power

As you continue breathing allow yourself to the music. Place your feet in the ground and absorb the power that comes from Earth.

When was the last time you felt powerful?


track 4: Install New Positive Mood Program

Sit back and absorb words, intentions and frequencies as the remaining negative mood elements disappear.

How powerful are you willing to feel right now?


track 5: Balance + Integration + Alignment

Assume the Power Pose from your Yoga Card and allow the new emotional programming to integrate deeply into your whole body.

Can you commit to live in alignment with the power that you’ve found?