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The Box That Boosts Your Mood - Aromatherapy, Hypnosis and Crystals

You have the power to
transform your mood


Rituals illumine our transitions and are the practices that create the field of possibility.

Jean Houston


your mood shifting ritual

Mood in a Box inspires you to travel the journey from anger to bliss, fear to power or sadness to joy. It presents three different combinations of sensory tools that will help you program your mind and mood so you can attract the amazing experiences that you want in life.

Mood in a box is full of goodness in the form of soul energizing products like organic hand-made soap, hypnotic audios, inspirational mood cards, exquisite essential oils, and more.


The power of your senses

The limits of our senses create the boundaries of our reality. 
Our senses help us cultivate presence--which is the key to mindfulness. 
The senses also help us etch memories in to our consciousness. 
Mood in a Box summons our full presence by getting our senses involved to naturally provoke rich emotional states and elevate our mood. 

The idea behind Mood in a Box is simple: We first move into relaxed, peaceful states, and then using the power of intention along with specific sensory frequencies, we build the energy needed to create a mood transformation. We then create “anchors” that link the positive emotions to our physical world through sound, smell, sight, taste and movement. That way, in the future whenever we find ourselves in a bad mood, we can easily and instantly remind our body how it feels--to feel good.

We become anchored to our dreams and desires rather than reacting to and tied to the past. 

In this way we expand the boundaries of our reality.


our mission

discover the mind training music of mood in a box

Moving beyond traditional music forms, our sound healing music rapidly raises your vibration, expands your reality, releases blockages, removes resistance, and restores balance and harmony in your mind and body. Click below to explore a sample track:


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