how it works

Moods are habitual emotions that are direct effects of the thoughts we think. That means they are a product of the thoughts and emotions we’ve ‘practiced’. It makes sense to start with our thoughts when beginning to shift our mood.

The remedy to a bad mood lies in cultivating its opposite.

Mood is not only an internal experience though.

Mood can be created in our environment. Good lighting or soft music can do wonders to transform a space, as well as how we feel.

Mood in a Box gives you a ritual with sequential steps that addresses both aspects of mood, in order to help you let go of your bad mood and create a new one.

The Science

Mood in a Box supports the creation of new neural pathways and connectivity between your right and left brain hemispheres using emotion and sensory experience as the driving engine. 

It all starts with intention. Add some specific sensory frequencies to trigger new resourceful states and voilà… 

Peaceful, dreamy, content, excited, euphoric… You’ll be able to customize your mood experience on each sensory journey that you create with our boxes, and then easily come back to that positive emotional state whenever you like.

Mood Anchoring

There are many outside forces that are designed to program us into thinking and behaving the way they want us to. These include the barrage of marketing ads leading us to buy what we don’t need, news reports fueling us with anger and fear about things we have little power to change, and past limiting ideas and social conditioning instilled in us since childhood. All this programming leaves us unknowingly thinking and acting in ways that don’t necessarily align with our true selves.

There is a way to change your status from one who is “programmed” to being a programmer. Instead of falling prey to outside influences, you can consciously choose the way you think and feel. 


Yes, we know. Change can be a big scary concept that many people run from in terror because they think:

  • It’s not fun.

  • It’s too hard.

  • I might fail or lose something in the process.

Mood Anchoring changes that. It makes changing fun and sensual, and deeply connects you to your desires.

The quality of our life is given by our habits, which are actualized neural networks in the brain. The firing of a specific sequence of neurons leads to deeply grooved pathways. The Mood Anchoring technique builds upon a neuro-linguistic programming concept called anchoring that interrupts existing unwanted thought patterns to pave the way for new, preferable choices. In combination with hypnotic suggestions, aromatherapy or music, Mood Anchoring can assist you in creating new pathways and thus, new thought and emotional habits. This is a POWERFUL way to live and create your reality.



Soulful Products

Organic hand-made soaps, energy infused bath crystals, herbal teas, and exquisite essential oils in unique aromatherapy blends.

Therapy Cards

Enjoy the benefits of proprietary neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis techniques with an impressive record of effectiveness, developed in 20 years of experience by Mood in a Box's creator, April Norris.

Hypnotic Audios

Your box will introduce you to the transformative power of hypnotic music combined with binaural beats, as you enjoy a mind massaging progression of five audio tracks to take you from a negative emotional state to a vibrant and constructive mood.

The frequencies, tones, beats and other elements for each track were specifically chosen to provoke and support the mood shift process.


You can choose between three versions of the Box, each of them with a specific set of tools (wrapped up with love) to help you achieve the constructive mood and rich emotional states that you desire. Each box contains a customized set of Mood Tools:

The Word Card helps you identify the emotions you are feeling.

The Crystal Card ties a link between your physical body and your emotions.

The Yoga Card helps you integrate and align.

The soap was made using fresh goat’s milk, flowers, and herbs sourced from the Rodezno farm in North Carolina. The soap also contains sacred stones pre-programmed with Reiki for love and abundance, strength and courage, or hope and inspiration.

The aromatherapy inhaler is intended to work with the hypnotic sound healing music, which you can pair with other interactive resources from our Mood Pharmacy website.