about us

Mood in a Box honors a holistic sensory approach to mood shifting that blends healing techniques with a sensory ritual. 

We know that your daily schedule is hectic and demanding. We know there's a lot on your plate and work that still needs to be done. Often though, spending more time trying to work things out just leaves you more stuck--drained, anxious or frustrated--when what you really crave is peace and progress.

Mood in a Box was designed to help you shake loose from the bad moods that slow you down so you can refocus and navigate your challenges and choices in the best possible mood--with presence, creativity and optimism. 

When you discover your power to put yourself into a better mood (or better yet, a flow or peak state where inspiration comes easy and you are really present in what you do!) you'll not want to go back to the old way of experiencing life in which you just react to what comes your way and tolerate the emotions that follow. Life can unfold in a blissful way when you learn how to change your negative thinking and raise your emotional frequency.

Here at Mood in a Box we believe that self-awareness, healing and growth can be fun AND it’s actually more effective that way. 

Our mission is a mood revolution.

We have created a collection of sensory stimulating tools designed to help you feel and perform better by integrating proven neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis techniques to help you master your mind and mood.

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