bliss Mood Shift Activation

The inhaler in your box is intended to be used with the hypnotic sound healing music below.

For first use, it is highly recommended that you wear headphones and listen to the tracks in order, from 1-5.
Choose a comfortable and quiet location. Grab your Inhaler and unscrew top to remove.


track 1: Acknowledge the anger

Action: Identify & acknowledge the feeling
Optional: Keep a journal around so you can write down any insightful ideas or sensations
that come to you after listening to the music


track 2: Enter A Surrendering State

Action: Breathe and release as the music guides you to a Theta brainwave state.


track 3: building power

Action: Shake your body as the music and your healing intuition indicate you.


track 4: Installing New Positive Mood Program

Action: Absorb words, intentions and frequencies as the remaining negative mood elements disappear.


track 5: Bliss — Balance + Integration + Alignment

Action: Do some stretching or yoga to allow the new emotional programming to integrate deeply with your whole body.
For best results: Apply the Bliss Pose, from your yoga card.